Indian Rainbows

India? Chennai!

Originally I planed to spend the winter south on a Rainbow Gathering. In pure nature, surrounded by not more than maybe 50 lovely hippies. Enjoying the simple life! Playing guitar, singing, dancing and maybe helping in the kitchen now and then. Four months! Joining the Rainbow in Morocco during December, travelling a bit through Africa and spending the rest of the Winter on the canaries.


Life is so easy on the canaries. There a week long, free open air parties, empty beaches with wonderful, free caves to live in. The weather is always nice, never to cool or to hot and they have decent beer, too!


But the Rainbow in Morocco didn’t materialize and I didn’t feel like going directly to the canaries. The obvious solution: India! In Auroville, south of Chennai there was supposed to be a four month Rainbow Camp. And India has much more to offer: Retreats, Ashrams and monasteries, a paradise for everyone looking for places to contemplate and meditate! So I rent out my flat, secured a Visa and off I went. Rainbow here I come!



Life in Chennai is quite different. You are never alone at the beacht and it is life threatening to cross the street. And hippies are nowhere to be seen.

Well again everything turned out different than planed! I lost my passport and had to spend much more time than I wanted in Chennai. But in contrast to my first impression Chennai turned out to be a compelling city. Chaotic, noisy und very tiring. But also adorable. Only dancing, singing or playing quietly guitar is not really possible here.

A city of lovely corners. Here’s my favourite!


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