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The french republic will destroy terrorism

As a reaction to the barbaric terrorist attack that killed over 120 Europeans on Friday 13 the French Air Force retaliated with air strikes on terrorist targets in Syria

I have already contacted the Russian and the American President in order to improve the coordination of our joint military efforts, so President Hollande. The last years have proven that air attacks have been an efficient strategy to destroy the islamist menace and the amazing results in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan show that the best response to an terrorist attack is military retaliation.


Die Charles de Gaulle sticht in See um den Terroristen ein für alle mal das Handwerk zu legen.

The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will support French retaliation.

So has the situation in Afghanistan improved considerably after Osama bin Laden had been found and executed by the Navy Seals. The assessment of security experts, that Terrorism is the main winner of an accelerated vicious circle of violence, political instability and human suffering, was mostly not shared by the political actors of the West.

Benevolence and  helpfulness will send the wrong messages to the terrorist afflicted countries, so President Barack Obama. These people just despise our western values. The only possible solution is the elimination of all terrorists! We always try to minimize collateral damage but we can not always prevent the one or other civilian casualty. So the NGO “Médecin sans frontière” had suffer about 30 casualties after an air strike on a hospital in Kunduz. “But we see it as a great victory that about one Million potential Terrorist in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been successfully eliminated.”

Das Krankenhaus der Medicin Sans Frontier nach dem Bombenangriff der amerikanischen Luftwaffe. Photo: Andrew Quilty/Oculi

The hospital of Medicin Sans Frontier after the air attack. Photo: Andrew Quilty/Oculi

The Russian President Putin agreed for once with his American counterpart: ” After the terrorists bombed a Russian airliner in October we have further intensified our attacks. So far there have been no other incidents.” Russia’s air force started engaging targets of IS in September. Russia has been remarkably successful in eliminating Terrorists, killing as much as 100.000 in Chechnya.

Eine Studie der IIPNW kommt auf 1,3 Millionen Opfer im Krieg gegen den Terror.

So far 1.3 Million people have been killed in the war on terror.

Only Angela Merkel drew another conclusion. Unconfirmed reports from her head state, that she thinks that further military interventions will only play in the hands of terrorists, will only cost the lives of far to many innocent people as well as tons of money that would be better invested in humanitarian aid, prevention programs against the radicalisation of juveniles in Europe and policing.

In the last 15 years far more than one Million people have lost their lives in the war on terror, many Million more have been lost their livelihood. Exceedingly few were really terrorist. On Friday, 13.11.15 in Paris 129 more people fell victim.

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