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10 Reasons Buddhism will help you to a better Life


1. Happiness

Face it! Happiness is reserved for nice people. Being an asshole even gentle people turn into dickheads around you. Only nice people have the freedom to enjoy a life with other lovely people. Are you miserable? Then, maybe you are just an asshole and have to improve yourself. So Buddha. Luckily, being an asshole is no fate.

2. Improve your Karma

Buddhism is a science of happiness but you’ll have to take the effort yourself. Just as your body needs regular exercise so your mind requires regular attention. And just as to much fast food is unhealthy, you should take care which kind of thoughts and feelings you are exposing your mind to.

3. Freedom

But regular efforts will lead to improvements within some months. You won’t transform overnight, but the dark side of the force (hatred, greed, fear) will become weaker soon and give way for a new freedom. And suddenly you start to do things which you had earlier deemed impossible.

4. Impermanence

You don’t like to think about impermanence? You should! The clock is ticking down. Our time is limited and every second is infinitely precious. If you keep this thought in your head you will start to use your time for the really important things in life.

5. Serenity

A nice side effect of regular meditation: You will be much more equanimous. Things will not look worse than they are but just impermanent. And the further small, annoying things in your life will be just small.

6. Compassion

What are you getting by being compassionate? Well, it helps you understanding your fellow humans. So you will not only be able to solve a conflict even before it is surfacing but it will also help you to find a nice Birthday present for your loved ones.

7. Mental Hygiene

Gluten poisons us all! Vaccinations cause Autism. Fukushima will kill us all. Three times sport or week or cardiac arrest.
These statements may be true or not, but that way of thinking is not helpful at all and it is a common cause of fear and reduced self esteem. When you follow the middle way you will learn to follow your inner voice instead of listening to these kind of manipulations.

8. Overview

Do you often get in trouble or hurt others by being to impulsive. Regular mediation will improve you self awareness and you will learn to question the motivation of your feelings and thoughts. Then you’ll find it much easier to act calmly in chaotic situations.

9. One Way – Many Vehicles

No other religion has as many faces as Buddhism. The goal is always the same, the means similar but in which vehicle you want to travel the way to enlightenment is up to you. But there’s a vehicle for everyone: Iconophiles and Iconoclastics, Catholics and Atheists, Nerds and Sportsmen.

10. Realization

Essentially, Buddhism wants you to improve your perception in order to enable you to see yourself and the world as they are, without bias. That is the meaning of enlightenment. But you will learn a lot along the way, the same way you will learn a lot in university, even before you receive your final degree.

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